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Disposable Premium Pre-sterile Flat Tattoo Needle

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Item No.:Top Quality Needle
Material: 316L medical stainless steel
Dia: #08(0.25mm),#10(0.30mm) and #12(0.35mm)
Certificate:CE Certificate
Packing : pre-sterile with E.O.gas in individual blister pack.
Price: $ 4.85  -  6.85 / BOX
Discount Price: $ 4.5  -  6.5 / BOX
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Disposable Premium  Pre-sterile Flat Tattoo Needle


Pre-made Tattoo Needles on bar

Made from 316L medical stainless steel

Each needle is pre-sterile with E.O.gas in individual blister pack

The needles have gained CEO197 sytem

It guarantees 100% satisfaction

CE Certificate Provided

Available size(All #08(0.25mm),#10(0.30mm) and #12(0.35mm) available):

Special Needle can be provided,such as BugPin Needle and Texture Needle.MOQ: 25boxes (each size)

RS: 3RS, 4RS, 5RS, 7RS, 8RS, 9RS, 10RS, 11RS, 13RS, 14RS, 15RS,more

RL: 1RL, 3Rl, 4RL, 5RL, 7RL, 8RL, 9RL, 10RL, 11RL, 13RL, 14RL, 15RL, 15RL,more

RM: 7RM, 9RM, 11RM, 13RM, 15RM ,more

M1: 5M1, 7M1, 9M1, 11M1, 13M1, 15M1, 17M1, 23M1, 25M1,35M1, 39M1,more

M2: 5M2, 7M2, 9M2, 11M2, 13M2, 15M2, 17M2, 23M2, 25M2, 35M2, 39M2 ,more

F: 5F,7F,9F,11F,13F,15F,17F,more

Packaging : Independent Packing , 50 pcs/box,50box/carton.

Delivery Terms : DHL , UPS , Fedex , TNT , ChinaAir , Ship


Delivery Details : 0~72h After Payment Cleared 

                            1 . Items will be shipped within 1-3days after payment cleared.

                            2 . It usually takes approximately 2-3days business days to receive order.

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